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One More Chance

Time just keeps on passing by

since you've been gone.

And from the day I let you go

no love has come along.

Told me that you loved still

in words from a song.

Said that you would come back soon

now it has been so long.

Chorus ( harmony)

One More Chance

Give me one more chance

To prove to you

And I'll prove to you

That our romance

That my heart is yours

Deserves one more chance

I'll be true to you.

I have often wondered

where we went wrong.

And why aren't we together

if our love was so strong.

Tell me you remember

the times that we've shared

open your heart once more

let me take you there.

Repeat Chorus

(Original Bridge)

If we were together

life would be so right.

We would last forever

there'd be no more endless nights.

One More Chance /

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