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The sheep here are oh so cute!

Verse 1


I like the sheep (sheep sheep sheep-sheep sheep-sheep)

Those pretty little sheep (sheep sheep sheep-sheep)

I swear I love all the sheep (sheep sheep sheep-sheep sheep-sheep)

I love all those sheep (sheep sheep sheep-sheep)

I swear...

Sheep are so precious

Sheep are so cute

Sheep are so lovely

Women make me puke

I love all the... (sheep sheep sheep-sheep sheep-sheep)

I swear I love... (sheep sheep sheep-sheep)

I love those cute little... (sheep sheep sheep-sheep sheep-sheep)

Their Jheri-curl... (sheep sheep sheep-sheep)

Arabian Prince, baby...

Hit me!

(sniff) Awww...

Verse 2


I used to like girls (He used to like girls)

But sheep are much better (But sheep are much better)

Girls give me problems (Girls give him problems)

But sheeps give me sweaters! (Sheeps give him sweaters)

I love all the sheep (sheep sheep sheep-sheep sheep-sheep)

I love 'em (sheep sheep sheep-sheep)

All the voices in my head! (sheep sheep sheep-sheep sheep-sheep)

I love 'em, I swear I do (sheep sheep sheep-sheep)


Verse 3


Pigs, goats, cows, horses, chickens, goats, quail

Hogs, hens, bacon, sausage, eggs, milks, chitlins, hog heads

Steaks, Prime rib, pork chops, drumsticks, ma'am

Yeah girl, I'll tell ya, I really love them...

Yes, I'll swear I'll do

Hand me them lamb chops, girl

Heh, you know I got me a little money

Ok, don't hold it against me cos I'm from Fresno

Bam! Hit me!

C'mon now, let's break it down!


Alright now, here's what I want you to do...I want you to grab your

partner and I want y'all to do-se-do, hit me!

(Woooh! Do-se-do!)

Alright, cut that out! Now break it down to the ground...

I'll swear I'll do better than my wife

Who cares if I'm from Fresno?

Yeah, I'll tell ya, I love them there sheep

C'mere now girl...is ya name Bo Peep

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