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Autumn Of My Life

In the Spring of my life, she came to me.

She brought sunshine where winter winds had blown.

Then I took her for my wife, in the spring of my life

and she brought me a joy I never known.

And the years, they went by in the spring of my life.

And in summer, she blessed me with a child.

Love continued to grow, in the summer of my life

and in every morning sun I saw her smile.

But in the autumn of my years, I noticed the tears

and I knew our life was in the past.

Though I tried to pretend, I knew it was the end.

For the autumn of my life had come at last.

Now what, what do you say to a child of ten?

How do you tell him his daddy's going away?

Do I tell him that I reached the autumn of my life

and that he'll understand some winter's day?

Now the rose can't be found on a snow covered ground.

and the Sun can not shine through cloudy skys.

But I'm richer you see for the years she gave to me

and I'm content in the autumn of my life.

Autumn Of My Life /

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