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Dont Wait Too Long

Written by bob welch.

Night after night, day after day

The dream i keep havin' just won't stay away

And it's you that's the star with the famous name

Gettin' all that you wanted taken away


Two headed coin, the other side is gettin' strong

And saying good things come to those who wait

But don't wait too long...

Hold out a candle, look in my eyes

You'll see a prisoner, just learnin' to lie

How does it go ?

Just like a whisper on the wind

And the voice that gets louder before it disappears again

(repeat chorus)

Now that your famous, now that you're rich

You'd love to be young, but you can't find that switch

You've come a long way, you've got nowhere to go

Cause you've waited to long, and it's startin' to show

Dont Wait Too Long /

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