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Tales Of Lucy Blue

Empty words falling on ears which have never heard

Hollow lies, comin' from lost, hung up and lonely guys

Through the night, make a sight

Other rider looks so true

Sinnin', spinnin', tales of Lucy Blue

Piercing smile filling her face for a little while,

Closin' door, leaving the heart open and wounded more

Gone away, lonely day

Turning gray with no clue

Faking, making, tales of Lucy Blue, oh oh oh

Restless night longing for love beneath the neon light

Desperate hands reachin' for someone who'll understand

Stroll around, through the town

Lost and found, when it's due

Sellin', tellin', tales of Lucy Blue

Yeah Lucy Blue one or two

Just for you hey yeah

Tales of Lucy Blue

Боб Сегер

Tales Of Lucy Blue / Боб Сегер

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