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Боб Сегер Боб СегерПевец и композитор

Mongrel Too

Here come the mountain, Here come the hill

Here come the valley and the Shoreline still

I know 'em well, know well

Mongrel, on the hard sell

With a ?, hot assed, inkwell

Lord, But I, I can't leave with the blues

Through endless days, and endless nights

Spare my creator, scream for my rights

? in the wishing well

Mongrel on the Hard sell, with a ?,

Hot assed, Inkwell

But I won't leave you with the blues no

Come down to ? (Wah-doo-day)

I'll buy you out

Gonna make you shake it Lord gonna make you shout

Gonna burn you gonna make you swell

Mongrel on a hard sell

with a ? hot assed inkwell Lord

But I can't leave you with the blues no

No no

Боб Сегер

Mongrel Too / Боб Сегер

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