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Now Louise she is an outlaw, in the year of seventy one

She's got Levi bells and long straight hair

She's got a gun

Her folks they didn't under-stand why she could'nt

Get her homework done, mmm

Her father is a preacher, her mother's an ex-nun

Now Louise she likes to boogie, down at the old ballroom

She's got a crazy hophead boyfriend, digs freon balloons

They ride on his Harley from the morning till the late afternoon

They get stoned in the evening, and make love beneath the moon

Now the old folks who are listenin'

Prob'ly think think this song's obscene

Say your children aren't like that

Say my words are way off theme

Well Louise she's just an

Average product of the American dream

I concede she's kind of naive but

After all she's only thirteen

Ride on Louise, ride on, ride on

Keep on ridin'

Боб Сегер

Louise / Боб Сегер

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