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Heavy Music

Ahh come on with me baby

We're gonna have a good time

Don't you ever listen to the radio

When the big bad beat comes on

I know you gotta dig it

I know you can't stop it

Cause the bottom comes on so strong


Talkin 'bout (heavy music),

Oh I got to have it yeah (heavy music),

I got to love it now

Deeper (heavy music)

Deeper (heavy music)

Baby don't you get a kick, from it yeah

Dig it (heavy music)

Dig it baby (heavy music)

Dancin to that heavy music (music) What I sing to the heavy music (music)

Yeah a little bit deeper now, alright

Don't you ever feel like goin' insane

When the drums begin to pound

Ain't there ever been a time in your life

You couldn't believe what the band is puttin' down, about


Yeah, alright, goin' in, goin in now

Oh yeah I'm goin' in now

Come on come on with me baby

Come on come on with me baby

Come on come on with me

Goin' deeper

Deeper deeper oh oh oh

Боб Сегер

Heavy Music / Боб Сегер

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