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The Ring

Words and music by bob seger

By the light of the moon

To a 50's tune

He pledged his love to her

A girl so rare

A girl so fair

The girl for him for sure

He could see himself getting up every mornin'

For the rest of his life

Just to look in those eyes so blue

It was all he ever wanted to do

She was all he'd ever need to see him through

They were still in their teens

When he gave her the ring

They were married late one may

And they moved into a little house

On the far end of town

Out by the big highway

And all through the days

And all through the nights

The cars and trucks rolled on by

And he slept through it all just fine

Every night he slept just fine

Sometimes she'd stare at the stars out the window

Sometimes she'd walk `neath the moon

Sometimes she'd sit there just watching him sleeping

Hoping the dawn would come soon

She'd done well in school

She'd followed the rules

And she'd always stood out from the rest

She'd go off to college

And work her way through

Then move to some city out west

She had it all planned

She'd have her career

She'd have all of the things that she'd always lacked

She'd wake up one morning all packed

And leave here and never look back

Most of her friends thought it soon would be over

Not many thought it would last

Most seemed to think they were all wrong for each other

And soon it would pass - soon it would pass

Now twenty years have gone

And her kids have moved on

And she's still on the far end of town

Her youngest ­ she's livin' somewhere in l.a.

And her oldest ­ he works on a nearby farm

Her husband comes home

And they talk over supper

He's usually the first to turn in

Another day comes to an end

Another day just ends

And sometimes in the wee hours when the traffic dies down

She'll hear the sound of some bird on the wing

And she'll look out the window and she'll look at his picture

But not at the ring ­ not at the ring

She never looks at the ring

Боб Сегер

The Ring / Боб Сегер

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