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Боб Сегер Боб СегерПевец и композитор


by Bob Seger

The crowd without a face

Begins to fill the space

In the arena

Flashlights at his feet

The lion from the street

Awaits the Christians

A single strobe ignites the night

The smoke begins to rise

A sea of staring eyes

Gaze on the sunburst

His weapon at his side

He flashes it with pride

Before his legions

Fries begin to rage

And they engulf the stage

All right

Bring on the night

He's in complete control

He's stepping proud and bold

And everything he touches

Turns to gold

He's got girls by the score

He's got 'em screaming for more

But when they get too close

He bars the door

He makes his great escape

Leaves them in his wake

Without a warning

The ritual is done

A night no longer young

Fades into morning

The sun begins to rise

As he begins to close his eyes

Боб Сегер

Sunburst / Боб Сегер

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