Somewhere Tonight

Somewhere tonight

Someones reaching out to someone whos refusing

Someones tired of all the reasons someones using

Someone doesnt understand

Somewhere tonight

Someones thinking back to someone who got closer

Someones realizing somethings really over

Someones thinking its too late

Someones thinking its too late

Theres a cold wind blowing from the north

And the summer birds are leaving

As the sun slips ever further south

The lakes will soon be freezing

And the ice will claim the empty shores

Where the ones in love went walking

And the hard blue skies will shiver

As the winter clouds come stalking

And unless you find someone to hold

Unless someone starts caring

Unless you find the warmth you need

Unless someone starts sharing

When the long nights start closing in

And the winter winds come howling

You dont know if youll make

Without someone you can count on

Somewhere tonight

Someones packing up

And someones really leaving

Someones not quite sad

Only disbelieving

Someones walking out the door

Someones walking out the door

Somewhere Tonight /