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Боб Сегер Боб СегерПевец и композитор


Words and music by bob seger

It was a curious sight to me

A castle older than a redwood tree

Once lived in by royalty

Who taxed and raped the land

Mostly now it was stone and dust

Long damp halls and smells of must

Faded walls and ancient rust

Built on shifting sand

And i wanted i wanted i wanted

To smash that sucker down

It was a marvelous sight to see

A redhead workin' in a brasserie

Five foot nine built to a tee

Eyes so blue and bright

All the drunks were just circling round

I drank water and held my ground

Later on we did the town

And we caught every sight

Cause i wanted i wanted i wanted

To follow her down

Sightseein' freein' my soul

Sightseein' leavin' my soul

It was a magical sight to me

And yves tanguy in a gallery

The 30's looking back at me

As if he really knew

I marveled at the artistry

Predating or technology

The vision there for all to see

Bold and strong and true

And i wanted i wanted i wanted

To take that painting home

I wanted i wanted

I wanted to take that vision home

Боб Сегер

Sightseeing / Боб Сегер

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