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Restroom Door Said Gentlemen


The restroom door said "Gentlemen,"

so I just walked inside.

I took two scents and realized

I was taken for a ride.

I heard high voices, turned and found

the place was occupied,

By two nuns, three old ladies and a nurse.

What could be worse?

Than two nuns, three old ladies and a nurse.

The restroom door said "Gentlemen,"

it must have been a gag.

As soon as I walked in there,

I ran into some old hag.

She sprayed me with a can of mace

and sacked me with her bag.

I could tell this just wouldn't be my day.

What thing could I say?

It just wasn't turning out to be my day.

The restroom door said "Gentlemen,"

and I would like to find,

The crummy little creep(?) who had

the nerve to switch the sign.

Cause I've got two black eyes

and one high-heel up my behind.

Now I can't sit with comfort and joy.

Boy, oh boy.

No, I'll never sit with comfort and joy

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