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Боб Моулд Боб МоулдАмериканский рок музыкант

Reflecting Pool

I stumble through this godforsaken

Uncertain of the path i'm taking

But along the way, i make a smile

I hope where i end up might be worthwhile

Holding in the breath of anger

Inside this old refrigerator

Those days are gone, there's more ahead

So concentrate on what's in store instead

A memory, a dream, or another crazy scheme

Then i find out what i want is something inbetween

Waking and repeating my routines

Walking circles, talk in circles to me

Words that tumble effortlessly from the lips of fools

Only cloud up what i see in my reflecting pool

Jumping headfirst into symmetry

I am splitting at the seams, hold me

In my reflecting pool / i look in my reflecting pool

This sole reflection is my own / the pool is still until the pebble's thrown

Боб Моулд

Reflecting Pool / Боб Моулд

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