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Brasilia Crossed With Trenton

I walk through the day

Through the open fields

I walk to my truck

To my truck and drive away

To the road

Through the broken roads, trusty road

I was headed for the road

The road that runs that way

And i, i see the train

The trains don't run to brasilia

I walked through the fields

Through the fields to brasilia

My ticket stub says i'm going

I'm going to trenton

When my friends stop by

I try to impress them, no buildings over two stories high

Except my house, oh my my, i see

See crossed lattice work made out of brick

I see buildings

With laundry hanging out of the window

Never in my wildest dreams would i think i'd see

Brasilia crossed with trenton

When you live in the middle of nowhere

Your imagination runs away and wild

You make games, i make games that i play most once a day

I pretend brasilia turned to trenton

Brasilia crossed with trenton

Department store

The only place that i buy clothes anymore

I used to be a big shopper 'round the world

Big credit cards, they don't matter anymore

'cause i can't pay any money that i owe

To these cards anymore

They don't take these things down at the bank

They just take money

Imagine yourself in the middle of nowhere

Imagination runs away for a while

I play games about once a day or so

I don't know, that's where i'd rather go

Brasilia crossed with trenton

I wish that i could tell my story

To all the people that listened to my story long ago

I knew that this would happen sooner or later

That i'd get disillusioned with it all

Just throw my hands up to the sky and say

Oh lord, what happened, what happened

To make things run this way

Imagine yourself in the middle of nowhere

Your imagination runs away for a while

You learn to play games about once every day or so

I walked to brasilia crossed with trenton

Brasilia crossed with trenton

Боб Моулд

Brasilia Crossed With Trenton / Боб Моулд

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