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Hard To Maintain

***Thinkin' 'bout the time that's gone by

lettin' out all pain I've held deep down inside.

There ain't no doubt there's been hell in my life.

just found out about my pops through a letter he writes

been locked down but didn't forget about the kids and the wife

tears nearly drown the man's hope of one day seeing the light

up until now been fightin' those tears will Lord-given might

searchin' for a route that'll hopefully lead him one day to the sunshine

but of as for now, the pain still pierces the man's mind

like the shell of a round

comin' from the barrel of a cop's nine.

It's hard to maintain when the pain

Is deep down inside.

Living in a life full of rain,

but still searching for the sunshine.(2x)

***Just got more news from a homie who's feeling them jailhouse blues

I know when it's two in the morning and you feelin lonely,

ain't no need to worry,

cause your homie still down for you.

And when them other cats turned their backs

just remember who still kept it true

Ain't no reason to be living in the past

just keep your mind focused and you'll make it through

Forget about the bogus,hocus pocus

and them shady busters that you thought you knew

They ain't nothing but pests like locust who'll keep bugging 'til the day they done with you...

You know the rest

I must confess

about the many homies we thought were true

'Cuz when it came down to the test

many jet

leaving us standing with just a few

But you know the Lord blessed

Telling you I got your back

so forget about the crew

So take the load off your chest and lay your head to rest

and remember your homie still hold it down for you...

It's hard to maintain when the pain

Is deep down inside.

Living in a life full of rain,

But still searching for the sunshine...(2x)

One love...


Hard To Maintain / Blaze

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