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Lets Stay In Love

Listen, I know we have our ups and downs

Our fights, our good times, and our bad times

But through it all

Nothing compares to the way I love you girl

So baby, let's stay in love

Let's stay in love

1 - Ooo, let's stay in love; let's stay together

Let's stay devoted, let's stay forever

Let's stay in love, let's stay together

Let's stay, let's stay in love

Listen, girl, I must confess

That you are the best I've ever had in my whole life

And I believe that love, just wouldn't be complete

Without you here beside me

Near to guide me through, whatever comes my way

And I wanna say, ooo baby

Repeat 1

Lady, I never knew a love before you

And then you came and made it clearview

And I wanna thank heaven above

For placing you beside me

You're the queen of hearts in my world

I'll be the king of hearts to you girl

With our love, we can conquer anything

Yeah yeah oh oh oh oh

Repeat 1

Stay, stay, please stay

Stay in love

Stay, stay, please please stay

Stay, in love

Stay wit me


Lets Stay In Love / Blackstreet

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