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Misery Interlude

Baby, I don't know what the problem is

This house is in

I need you in it

Abandoned home

It get so lonely

Tell me what's wrong (all hope is gone)

I can't go on

Been occupied by your memory

Three words explain why I'm here (I need you here)

I need your love (in my life)

I can't go on in misery (I can't go on)

I can't go on in misery

I can't live without you

I need you


I can't go on

I can't go on living alone

Without your love

Can't go on this way without you baby

In my life


Something about the way you love me

You complete me

I need you

Dont' take your love away from me

I don't wanna live in misery

I can't go on


All hope is gon

I can't live w/o you

I need you

Don't take your love away from me


Misery Interlude / Blackstreet

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