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Hustlers Prayer

1 - My soul is so dirty

I've been hustlin' everyday

Now I know that I should pray

But I wonder if He hear what I'd say

I know my momma didn't raise me this way

But I gotta feed my family

If I could just make it through one more day

I could live the right way

Lord, you know it's been 12-15 years I've been in the game

The way I live this life, forgive me, I know it's a shame

But who'd a thought I'd make it this far

From all the brothers and others that I've lost

I know I'm fortunate not to be one of those souls you choose

And I'm sorry for the ones I sent

Down here is to live or die, what was I suppose to do?

You know I wasn't quite ready

For this soul of mine to come before you

(Repeat 1)

I know I may not have been right but I've been fair

I guess that's why you saw it to keep me here

You must have somethin' better for me

Just give me a sign Lord, please show me

Just wanna thank you for the ones you've placed

I pray you watched over them, cuz you watched over me

Until you clean us up Lord, like we should be

I know you will eventually

(Repeat 1)

Please watch over my babies and they mommas, too

Cuz they don't know what they daddy do

But this one thing, I promise you

I won't let my seeds do the same thing, too

Lord, bless my momma, you know how much she means to me

Despite the way I live, I know she still loves me

She's up in church, cryin' and prayin' for me

And I'mma try to see her there on Sunday, I said maybe

(Repeat 1


Hustlers Prayer / Blackstreet

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