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GirlfriendBoyfriend Swizz Beats Remix

featuring Sauce Money

Hello, can I can see you tonight?


Naw, my girlfriend loves me

I know she does

Whoa, ha ha

Oh you provide the mil

So I shut up my grill

Don't speak on none of that shit that I hear

You ain't dealing with no silly chick

Who keep it hush-hush

Cause you give me shit, yeah uh-huh

If I ever catch you with a trick chick

Call a seamstress, tell her to pick up your dick

I make no threats, I make promise boo

And for the record I do love you, ha


Girlfriend, it's like that

Hang up on a nigga when he calls you back

I knew she was a gold digga

I knew she like jiggy niggas

But I'm not tryin' to kick it with her

Girlfriend, on the phone

She call me all day on her telephone

Blowing up my beeper cause she's ready to bone

Played me close, won't leave me alone

1 - [Blackstreet]

Girlfriend, if we made love tonight

Will it ever be alright

Whisper in your ear, kiss your lips

Massage you back and rub your hips

Boyfriend, if we made love tonight

Will it ever be alright

Whisper in your ear, count your chips

Out of town trips when I push the six

Boyfriend, boyfriend

It's the peanut butter

Come and get you supper

I wanna be the only one in your life

Hot piece, I gotta be your wife

Forget about the girlfriend on the phone

Calling all day on the telephone

Blowing up your beeper cause she's ready to bone

Played you close, won't leave you alone

Repeat 1

[Sauce Money]

You want a playa in the crib

On lock down

Slow your roll, you just got down

See you don't know the half

I'm too hot now

Sauce Money, I can't stop now

Time to clock now

Throw the stack up

Burn the block down

Fools get clapped up

Meet me in Chi, Cal

I know you act up

Heard a Rockwiler

Let me show you, back up

You need to listen nigga when I speak

Don't be fooled

Cause I'm mad and I bought ten this week

I ain't puttin' up with you and them freaks

Keep trickin' with them bitches when you know their mouths bleed

If fool got wrecked it's straight to me

I'm your girl's, your chance, girls dying to meet

Ain't no chick breathin', saying nothin' to me

You better cut that shit out

Before you cry 1-2-3

Repeat 1 (2x)

2 - [Teddy]:

Swizz Beats, Swizz Beats

BLACKstreet, BLACKstreet

Swizz Beats, Swizz Beats


BLACKstreet, BLACKstreet

Repeat 2

Repeat 1

Repeat 2 (2x


GirlfriendBoyfriend Swizz Beats Remix / Blackstreet

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