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Tell me how you like it

{I like it deep}

You want me to go a little deeper

{Yes, papi}

Ah, yeah


Let me go deep, deep, deep, deep (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

Wanna go deep, deep, deep, deep (Let me go deep, girl, oh)

Let me go deep (Deep), deep (Oh), deep (Yeah), deep

(Oh, yeah, baby, feels so good)

'Cause I'm goin' deep (Deep), deep, deep (Oh), deep

(Wanna go deep, Teddy sing)

Don't you know sky is the limit

I'mma keep on reachin'

So much love to give

So won't you come and get it

Bring your body, undressed and yearnin'

Got the candles burnin', baby, I'm determined

Let me go downtown, damn, I wanna have it

Tickle, ride and pat it, your goodness and your savvy

You know I'm gonna answer your request

I'm the one you would finesse till the mornin'

Let me go deep, deep (Deep), deep, deep

I wanna break you down all night (Break it down, go)

Wanna go deep (Deep), deep (Deep), deep (Oh, yeah), deep

Let me make your body feel just right (Just right)

Let me go deep, deep (Oh), deep (Yeah), deep

Just tell me how you like this time (Tell me how you like it)

'Cause I'm goin' deep (Deep), deep (Deep), deep (Deep, deep, deep, deep, yeah)

Inside your body, your body (Oh)

We'll do it in the shower (Yeah) for about an hour (Oh)

Move over to the counter and bring you out (Scream my name)

We're not close to endin' (No), it is just beginnin' (Oh, yeah)

We're stretchin' out the episode (Oh), let me do it one more time

Downtown, even lower, pick you up over my shoulders

Ride you in a rollercoaster, ooh, you're so wet

That just made me go inside, girl, you got my fire lighted



Deep / Blackstreet

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