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DJs Get No Credit

{Big Daddy Kane:}

Hmm yeah, this sound kinda funky, this sound real funky

I'ma get busy on this, man, with ehm, let's see -

Like 8 bars, then I want you to come in with a scratch -

{DJ Mister Cee:}

What? nah man, we ain't havin that!

Just trip, I'm tired of every record we do

I got to be jiggin-jiggin this, jiggin-jiggin that

You know what I'm saying?

Yo, it's time for me to get busy on the mic by myself

On the solo tip, you know what I'm sayin?

So yo, step back and let me show you how a real DJ rocks

As I kick it like this:

{DJ Mister Cee:}

A DJ gets no damn credit

Don't look at me funny, Kane cause, yeah, I said it

I'm always in the background

Supplyin the sound, but my props is yet to be found

Besides, when you're kickin a rap

The only other people you can see is Scoob and Scrap

So y'all get the girls, okay

But I bet you wasn't gettin skins scratchin for Shante

And the first time a record skips

You catch an attitude and always tryin to flip

Now ain't that a bitch

I swear one of these days I'm gonna pull the power switch

Cause I'm always breakin my neck

10 in the mornin you were sleepin on my sound check

And when it's time for the show

I'm supposed to go (Big Daddy) (hell no)

Am I a man or a machine?

Or just a fat kid who don't supposed to be seen?

Don't you know you wouldn't be so amazin

If I wasn't helpin you out, you black raisin

And you got the nerve and try to complain

Makin a record sayin 'it's hard bein the Kane'

Hmm, but all you gotta do is rap

Try carryin some console cases on your back

Well, I'm throug

Big Daddy Kane

DJs Get No Credit / Big Daddy Kane

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