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Im Not Ashamed

[Big Daddy Kane]

I can't hold back any longer

I can't prolong my feelings for you any more

You know all of a sudden I feel this certain need to..

.. express myself to you

You see before I felt kind of funny to say these kind of things

I mean to be all honest, that is, but now.. hmm..

well let's just say I'm not ashamed

Now in my lifetime I've been all around the world

(Round and around and around)

From city to city, from state to state

And of course, from girl to girl


And I believe that I've played every game in the world

that one man could possibly play (don't play with me baby)

And of all those games, you're the only chip on the table

that's made me feel this way (aiy-yi-yahhhhahhhhhhhhh)

Now I realize that love takes time

and trust is somethin that you have to earn

(Oooooooh, you gotta earn it baby) mmm

Well I'm prepared to give you all of me

but, I need the same in return (ooooooohoooo you know you got it)

These are some things that I've been meaning to say

And for my concealed feelings I've come to realize

that I'm to blame (arrrrrrrrre you sure)

So I have to take a little time out to get together

Now baby, I'm not ashamed

[Alyson Williams]

Let yourself be free (I'm not ashamed)

Express yourself to me (I'm not ashamed)

Try to make me see (I'm not ashamed)

what sparks would start this flame

Take it nice and slow (I'm not ashamed)

Never let me go (I'm not ashamed)

I want to let you know (I'm not ashamed)

Don't ever feel ashamed

[Big Daddy Kane]

You know just yesterday I portrayed my life as a player

(mmm-hmmm) Looked at every woman as ahhh..

as ahhh.. as j

Big Daddy Kane

Im Not Ashamed / Big Daddy Kane

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