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Earth, Wind And Fire

I'm from Brooklyn, New York City

I be the Earth motherin', smotherin' MC's

Sha Queen covering 360 degrees

See I blow like the wind when I flow to this song

Cause a riot like Kaiser like that then I'm gone

I bring the fire burn it down to the ground

Think of dissin' me, Kane will leave that ass rotisserie (What)

Earth, wind, fire we be those elements

It's evident, as we come to represent


I feel the need to get iller than

All these fuckin' wack Mc's, realest Bitch that ever been

Dropped the hit single that was flying through the roof

I'm lyrical living proof, you can't handle the truth

After you heard me spit, still convinced that you ill

Who you tryin' to fool me or yourself, bitch for real

Everybody know the deal, you ever get a hunch

To fuck around with Sha-Queen, then I know you out to lunch

Break that meaning down, that means disturbed in your mental

And that's absurd, I kick the illest shit you ever heard

Every rhyme to the last line and pronouns and verbs

Too hard to see with your two eyes, then check with your third

My frequency's not tainted with thoughts of whores

That can only get raw on all fours, with sore back doors

Precisely, far from your average girl

So, sit back and shut the fuck up, cause Sha rules the world, word

[A.B. Money]

Listen there was a man in Brooklyn, New York City

Where the guys are fly and the ladies looking pretty

I'm a let you know, that stuff you pop is junk

Cause when I flow, it's the flava of the month

Hold up don't worry about nothin', tot shit in a smash like crash dummies

This fast money, make me wanna fuck around and blast money

I heard your spot mak

Big Daddy Kane

Earth, Wind And Fire / Big Daddy Kane

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