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Troubled Man

singer wails for first 0:59 of song]

[Big Daddy Kane]

It's hard enough for a black man tryin to make it today

Strugglin to find the right way

So I say, times is hard, word to God

Recessions, depressions, the whole nine yards

That itself makes a brother wanna break

But bein an entertainer puts the icin on the cake

Cause I can remember when I looked up to Kurtis Blow

and said that's where I gotta go

So here I am, paid in the rap trade

But still gettin played, for my darker shade

That's not the only P-R-O-B-L-E-M

Man, that's just the beginnin of them

For example, I can't walk the streets alone..

.. without bein known

Don't get me wrong, cause deep in my heart I do love it

But I can't even dig up my nose in public, huh

MC Rell couldn't have said it no plainer

Yeah, that's the life of an entertainer

And the times are so hard to understand

that it makes me a troubled man

* Mister Cee cuts up Chuck D saying "I got so much trouble on my mind" *

[Big Daddy Kane]

I like women, but I hate womankind

Love can be just too much for the mind

Cause I've toured the world from state to state

and wouldn't lay down tonight without havin a mate

Married girls in tight miniskirts

that left they husband waitin at the concert

I don't discriminate with girls that I talk to

I take em Mello-Yello to Chocolate Yoo-hoo

But now I couldn't find the right girl to fit me

Not even if she walked into my face and bit me

You see it's hard to make a woman your wife

when you've been humpin married woman the most of your life

You better believe that's true, word up

cause if it happened to me, then it can happen to you

I'm not tryin to say that a woman is scandalous

I'm just showin you who the troubled man is

* Mister Cee cuts up Chuck D saying "I got so much trouble on my mind" *

[Big Daddy Kane]

Brothers from the past..

.. in the streets of Bed-Stuy or my ?Sara J? class

Some of them are cool, some of them at times can be a bother

Thinkin I got jobs to give like Roy Rogers

I try to explain I'm not on tour yet

And they say, "You think you're all that? Yeah, I bet!"

So when I see em on the solo tip

I gotta throw joints to prove my point

Just when I thought that I had the neighborhood support

here comes another battle to be fought, huh

You know they even tried to start a AIDS rumor

Diggin the kind of life, that would maybe doom a

brother of my priniciple, you'd think some of these people

would be more sensisble, because a lie like that

didn't bring my sex flow to an end

Maaaaaaaan, I'm still gettin skins!

And the beat goes on until the thrill is gone

And life is the same old song

And maybe one day you can understand

What it's like to be a troubled man

* Mister Cee cuts up Chuck D saying "I got so much trouble on my mind

Big Daddy Kane

Troubled Man / Big Daddy Kane

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