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Change This Game Around

It's that number one hip-hop tramp, to get your thong damp

I put it down till you girls catch a cramp,

Take a little trip with the smoothest guy walkin'

Usually my fault in, girls wreckless eyeballin

Attraction is magnetic, they come and get it

Game is all natural, yours is synthetic

So while you sittin' there tryin' to get your words straight

I bag more dimes than workers at the herb gate

Use tight D, on top of tight G

Want it done rightly, girlfriend invite me

I foresee what you hoping,

And say the right thangs to get you open, then I get you open

Lay it down from nighttime until the A.M.

Watch how I play ‘em, lay ‘em and then fillet ‘em

In the kingdom I hit it like lottery

Baby you gotta see, the Brooklyn prodigy


It's plain to see, your game is tight enough for me

I jus can't keep my cool, I just gotta let it be

And now you're in the zone

And I'm sure when you play on

That the way you put it down

Is gonna change this game around

Verse 2

Sharp P-I till I return to the essence

Making my presence, glow like florescence

I come around and get it like hot peas and butter

Drop these and got her, that Kane he's a mother

The God don't minimize, I enterprise, when I rise

In the thighs, make ‘em see doubles like geminis

So, bring it on me no sweat it

But you talk that Lil' Kim talk to me and end up bowlegged

Give it to you good upon the mattress

6 million ways to get yo' back twist

No theatrics when the Kane approach

Put you in more positions than a football coach

Pimpin' ain't easy but we don't knock it do we

Instead we spend chips, get fly, rockin jewelry

Walk through the club with the girls lockin to me

It's all love in here baby now sock it to me.


Verse 3

I don't discriminate they come upon ease

Asians, Haitians, even the mommies

Please lowdown stankin', plus Jamaican girl bangin'

Them call me yard boy cause them seen something hangin'

Never do I waste that, I put my face at, a place that

In case I wanna taste that

Comfort specialist, is as easy as this

Ah miss, yeah duke you better hold your on to her wrist

I start roamin like car phones, and

Just can't control my hormones and

I make a move on a ten, and go and get a friend

So I can put my man in

While you sittin' there drinkin', that glass of Cris

I be sittin there thinkin', what's after this

Us two, me and you is what's happenin'

Bodily in heat like an African (O.K

Big Daddy Kane

Change This Game Around / Big Daddy Kane

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