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In My House

Mary Jane Girls cover)

You just best believe I'm the only girl in your life

I'll bring you sugar in the morning and the sweet stuff you eat at night

You just believe when it comes down to making love

I'll satisfy your every need and every fantasy you dream of

When you need some piece of mind

Just call for me anytime

I'll keep you happy and so satisfied

My house, my house

If you need some love and tenderness

And it's me, baby, that you miss

There's a key to unlock the door

My house, my house

My house

My house

My house

Anytime, day or night, when you call me I will be there

Just call me up on the phone when you need someone around to care

When you feel sad and low

Just come and see me anytime

I'll kiss away all your fears

And your tears you will leave behind

Big Black

In My House / Big Black

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