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Wishing (17 Dec 1910)

[1st verse:]

In the days of fairy tales, most any wish was granted

Granted by some fairy brave

Let's suppose a fairy rose in fairy clothes from head to toes

And granted us the wish we'd crave

Would you wish for diamonds, or would you wish for pearls

Would you wish to rule the land and sea

Would you wish a crown to rest upon your golden curls?

The maiden sweetly answered "Not for me"


I'd wish for a night in June

A silv'ry moon real soon

A moon that makes you want to spoon

And softly croon love's tune

Then a tree that I could trust

A bench that holds just two

Then I'd wish for Cupid's loving dish

And then I'd wish for you

[2nd verse:]

Why should I profess to sigh for precious pearls and diamonds

When my ev'ry sigh means you?

All the gold the world may hold its wealth untold, I would unfold

To hold a place that just holds two

Hold a place that holds a face, that holds a case of bliss

And that case of bliss would hold you too

Such a place would make me trace upon your face a kiss

The fellow answered, "Here's just what I'd do:

Ирвинг Берлинский

Wishing (17 Dec 1910) / Ирвинг Берлинский

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