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Pullman Porters On Parade, The (14 May 1913)

[Lyric credited to "Ren G. May", pseudonym of Irving Berlin.]

[1st verse:]

Here they come down the street

See them comin'

Hear the drums how they beat

Hear the drummin' oh, my one little hon' better run to the fun

They're parading, hear the yell from the boys!

Honey, listen! Can't you tell by the noise

That we're missing all the fun?

Come and see the big parade

My honey


Just see those Pullman porters

Dolled up with perfumed waters

Bought by their dimes and quarters

Here they come, here they come, here they come

Just see those starched up collars

Hear how that captain hollers

Keep time, keep time

It's worth a thousand dollars

To see those tip collectors

Those upper berth inspectors

Those Pullman porters on parade

[2nd verse:]

Look at flat-footed Mose

See him juggling

His hat as he goes

See the struggling of bow-legged Joe, don't he go rather slow?

Watch him stepping on the ground like a hen!

All in clover, see those round-shouldered men

Stoopin' over, oh my!

Hon', that's what I call some parade

My honey

Ирвинг Берлинский

Pullman Porters On Parade, The (14 May 1913) / Ирвинг Берлинский

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