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Piano Man (5 Oct 1910)

[1st verse:]

You all have your favorite masters

The kind what music give

Did you ever, ever meet my lovin' piano man

No? then you've yet to live

He sits on his stool like a king on the throne

And plays and plays with ease

Why the melody just nestles in his finger tips

And oozes out in the keys


Piano man

Piano man

He brings forth notes like no one can

Oh what a feelin'

When his notes come a-stealin' why

I just feel like kneelin' and appealin' to my

Piano man

Piano man

Lawdy how his music lingers

May the Heaven bless his fingers

When he plays for days and days

It soothes me like a fan

Just lend your ear, dear, here, near to my ever lovin' piano man

[2nd verse:]

You've listened to Verdi's music

Beethoven's classy tune

I'm alludin' to the fellows with the hair as long

As a rainy afternoon

They all needed love to inspire their notes

Be it the spring or fall

But my piano man, just have him meet a piano grand

Then listen, Umm, Umm, that's all

Ирвинг Берлинский

Piano Man (5 Oct 1910) / Ирвинг Берлинский

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