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Draggy Rag (13 Apr 1910)

[1st verse:]

Honey darlin' take your time

Don't you hurry, baby mine

Throw your lovin' arms around me

Oh! Oh! Oh! I'm feelin' so fine

Won't you squeeze my hand again

Squeeze it hard, I feel no pain

Don't deny me, satisfy me

To that draggy strain


Oh! that draggy rag!

Oh! that easy drag

Don't you hurry, honey, or you'll cause me pain

I want to go to heaven on an Erie train

Slide, glide, not too fast

Go slow to the last

I love my quick decision, hon'

But Oh! that draggy rag

[2nd verse:]

I could almost swear I see

Two of you, and now it's three

I believe my mind is wand'rin'

Oh! Oh! Oh! poor delicate me

Honey, dear, I'm suff'rin' so

Get your hat and we will go

Don't decline, dear, take your time, dear

Let us walk out slow

Ирвинг Берлинский

Draggy Rag (13 Apr 1910) / Ирвинг Берлинский

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