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 Behemoth BehemothПольская блэк-метал группа

The Universe Illumination

ov circus my world wiseman call'd

ov drunken trickster bed

and not violators of thoughts they're

for life is a theatre

in which actors all we are

but when curtain is open

there is no time for any reh's

and as all lights turn'd on were

and the first act is begun...

...and the last my mouth I open'd

i, purple sage in the universal

and I speak in tongue unknown

and behold all stood in flames

su na'aq tem kah chaph keb ngaa sul tamed mes

no sedem cha'no umes maog etem chaph keb la'at

qui sulib

and hardly ye remember dark november days

when received ye rain ov sulphur

when earth came apart under thine feet

and wasn't it rage ov thine god

and wasn't ye his somdom

it's "only" laugh mine empty

sob silent and helpless gesture


The Universe Illumination / Behemoth

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