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 Behemoth BehemothПольская блэк-метал группа

Black Visions Of The Almighty

flames reflects in my eyes

the wildness and hate are born

I draw the magic signs in the air

the pride, act of holy bastards burnt

here's no more place for them

there's no day, only the moon and the night

I turn into ashes all the holyness

I destroy the altars of contempt with my sword

then I hide in a blackrain, naked trees

the depths of the forests are my home

as the wolf I appear this night

as the wild dog I'm howling with lust for blood and hunger

I'm the warrior of the night obsessed by hell

bringing hate, pain and desire

I observe the blackwitches of beauty

protected with the shadow of my sword

they gave me the wisdom, fed with blasphemy

they assist in my every journey, my heart belongs to them

at midnight I call the winds of mayhem

the power of the horned evil protects me

I see how jesus tears mix with angel's blood

in my visions I observe...

how the skies turn to black, with the upcoming fire

I'm playing with the view of this night

I love the gloomy landscapes of my world

obsessed like an animal, old as the planet

I speak words of the ancient knowledge

I give you things, which in paradise

could be only a dream...


Black Visions Of The Almighty / Behemoth

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