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keep it close to your heart

don't ever let it go

they'll always be part of you life

those secrets we have inside


i know a girl

i don't know how she feels

but in her life she,

knows and wants to be

maybe her life ain't

ain't gettin' by

body she an awakin' girl

and that's the second pass

she does whatever



just to pay her bills

feed the kids

pay the rent

when the money comes

it's already spent

eventhough she feels

she can't go on

whoa oh ooh



i know a boy a ,

a young and tender age

everybody sees his face

but can't really

feel his pain

he plays a roll of

of really playin' hard

i get so emotional

when i think about his life and start

he can barley hold own

and that's how it seems sometimes

but when he's all alone

he struggles for his life

life of a homeless(chours)


it goes through apart of us

we don't want no one else to know

that's the reason why

we keep those secrets inside

it goes to our heart

hold on to it

'cause nobody has to know

(nobody has to know)

they belong to you

oohhh yea

(chorus-repeats to the end)

Secrets /

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