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Protect Me

Rasta a move like men and people, eno

All dem get up and do a fight dem one another

Bobo a fight gainst shanty and di bingie i dem

A fight gainst di twelve tribe

But hear mi nuh

A nuh one a we, a nuh two a we, a nuh

Three a nuh four a nuh five a nuh six a we,

No no no, a nuh seven a we, a nuh eight a

We, a di whole a we deh inna selassie

Family, but jah

Chorus: protect mi from mi enemy caah

Mi nuh love how men a penny me

Like dem nuh waah mi reach mi destiny

But a king selassie i a carry me and mi family (repeat)

Verse 1: mi did know when di bobo money low

Now dem get hype dem nuh waah do nuh show

A whoo only selassie i know seh

Dem get astonish how mi lyrics dem a flourish

Dj just hide and whole heap just vanish

If dem waah refurbish mi a go draw fi mi polish

Gone back to mi days of all mi right and mi ribbit

But selassie i mi haffi ask you this right now

Verse 2 everyone waah fi know what is my formula

Dem a ask if mi a old time author

But a just di weed weh mi rap up inna mi wrizzla

Round a mi yard mi go listen two sizzla

King priest and prophet rasta man wi a nuh pastor

One psalm a day a so wi slew di vampire

Draw fi all sword and beast get tun over

Listen weh di dj a utter

Verse 3 di odda day dem shot di sheriff and di deputy go run

A who fuss come bout come tell man bout gun

Yet still dem a gwaan like dem waah dance fi done

Yuh think yuh can done our fun

Dem a bun fire dem yah natty haffi bun me

Caah mi naah dash weh dem yah classie versace

Naah go walk barefoot and mek nuh bottle cut me

Naah go sell mi car and go ride nuh donkey

Yuh mad !!

Protect Me /

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