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Old Dog


Old dog, old doggy, doggy dog

Woh deh, deh, woh,ho


Old dog like me, we affi have dem

In a two's an trees

An everybody know we wild a ready

Delieve you me, we nable string cut

Under pum pum tree


Verse: 1

From mi see a gal weh look good

Mi affi fool har and get weh mi want

Cause mi nuh live over shortwood

So mi affi bounce har mek she drop in a mi paw

A nuff gal mi a go pass through

Like patra and di one lady saw

An mi deh hear bout di ooch crew

Weh have ten gal x-rated and raw

Dat mean we a go want dem

And we affi get dem & nuh tell mi seh mi caan

Dat a rape

But if mi beg & mi get that's great

Sometime mi preach but mi know mi we wait

Me is a youthman weh have plenty faith


Verse: 2

Mi believe in a sey man

Nuh fi watch nuh face

Agony fi gwaan from gal deh pon base

Woman fi get wine and gal fi get lace

Dover man nuh have time fi w-a-s-t-e

Yuh know how mi a swear after dionna king

Nadine sutherland and chevelle franklyn

Mi want dem fi ride pon mi bull dog riddim

And left di ole a dem all a sing


Verse: 3

How mi want fi live mi mother tell mi sey mi caan

Five, six , seven, eight gal a weh mi want

One burner business a nuh me dat yah

Me's a bwoy wi slam all mi mother-in-law

Think mi nah si-dung and watch how she round

A long time mi a notice how di leg dem brown

Nuff night mi see har ina har mini night gown

A line, mi a line up fi lick out mi sound


Old Dog /

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