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Intro: well it's time for unnuh to

Dance, dance, dance with the music

Dance, dnace, dance with the music

Verse 1: l is for the love they have for the dance they see

O is only 'cause he always originality

Y mean year in after year, they try dis dat supa dear

Who originate all di dance and jamaican badman dance without fear

Chorus loy, loy, loy, loy, loy, loy, loy

Everybody dem a dance di loy

Check mr. bogle and de roses crew

Have a new dance whey everybody want do

Verse 2: an nuh nuttin new, so nuh pay nuh advance

It a just the remix a di same world a dance

Ben yuh foot and ben yuh back

An mek sure yuh body slant

Move yuh foot dem inna yuh shoes

Like yuh a do di skate dance

Free up yuh spirit and leggo like a avalance

And jus give dem di dance, bus di dance

Man and woman a watch di holla dem a fight

Bogle a mash up di dance wid de new dance


Verse 3: well bogle dance it was a brand new praise

Dem dance deh gone from back in di days

Dat deh dance have di whole world like a slave

Man all a drive and a urkle and gaze

Big accident, him all meet all him grave

Now a di loy, it a blaze

Everybody come a new dance (hey cool)

Si di bogle, di bogle, di bogle, di bogle

Did remix di dance

Now, give dem di dance, bus di dance


Verse 4: big sound string up an everybody dem a skank

Pull up, pull up, pull up 'cause bogle get ignorant

Watch da gal deh pon di left inna moschino pants

She a who, mus' di corporal or she a di sergeant

De amount a salute she get di hole dancehall cramp

School dance a keep an a nuff thing a guan

Watch da gal inna di right inna di blue uniform

Loy yot


Loy /

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