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Let Him Go


Oh na na scibbie dooba deng (sing in intro)


Gal if yuh fed up a yuh boyfriend, let him go

And yuh boyfriend a nanga nanga, let him go

'Cause every night him come in nighy nighy inna yuh ears

And yuh know seh a gaze him a gaze

Gal if yuh man nah do it right let him go

'Cause every night him a come in nighy nighy in a yuh ears

And yuh know seh gaze him a gaze

(Verse 1)

Stop and look pon di woman weh yuh got

Take out yuh woman de yuh damn idiot

Yuh soon si shi itch up inna di juvenile lap

And then yuh sid dung and a relax

Hear seh Miss. Rowe caah go nuh weh a stage show

Hear sey di man have har 'round a benbow

Scrape up har knee and scrape up har toe

Caah shi a ben down low

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)

Well man a better if yuh cool and stop talk

It nuh right fi a wuk a woman and shi a laugh

Man yuh better straighten up yuh crank shaft

Gal haffi sweat and haffi cough 'cause

Woman want a man wid more sexual healing

Gal want a man wid more sexual feeling

Come on, come on mek yuh reach to the ceiling

So gal come fi di dealing

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)

After she say that she needed some romance

More rocks, more tocks, more feeling close to me

A wanna get close to she

So I give you more roses, more romance a little candle light and little slow dance

And that night out with me maybe we can try again

Try and try and maybe we can try a bye bye

(Repeat Chorus

Let Him Go /

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