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10 Niggaz

Verse 1: [Thug Addict]

If i go out in this bitch I'ma die like a soulja

I'm taking ten motherfuckers with me ya feel me

I ask the lord to forgive me cause my mind ain't right

I got problems in my skull bigger than the world

I peel back ya hurl, hog tie ya girl

I leave ya messy, dripping, like a classy curl

I'ma weapon, fuck i scare the hell out the devil

I get badder than bad weather, I'ma doctor devil

Told me I'm in a level A.K. 47

Have ya ass on the fucking stair way to heaven

Bitch I'm harder than rocks, stone, bricks, and pebbles

Stay putting niggas in graves so i just keep me a shouvle

Nigga all that's on my mind is cocking my nine

Pulling that trigger back and watch it bust 50 times

Leave they mama's crying, hell increase and multiply 'em

Choppin' they heads off and leaving dicks in they behind

See my kind, is similiar to perfectly mankind

?I'ma say i got beef and them I'ma chief?

I put niggas to sleep, like a sad mind

Ya wanna know why, because i can can

I shot 'em down (POP), We shot 'em down 3x (POP)

Busting 50 rounds and watch em all fall down

Feeling high raid, Feeling high paid

Sipping on my drink and blowing my weed

Some of these niggas they got to die with me

Every one of these niggas got to die with me

I ain't gone out like that, I can't do it

I can't see it happening

I can't let no nigga try to get me with these caplets

? with you breath like a world champion

Leaving niggas stiffer than a fucking manican

If i go out i betcha nann nigga gone be standing

Cause I bam kill 'em like i can't stand em

Chorus: repeat 4x

If I die I'm take 10 niggaz with me

Take ten niggas with me

Verse 2: ?

I make

10 Niggaz /

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