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"The Chance Of Love"

You and me we're both the same

In this life a lonely game

I used to be a happy man

And now I understand just what it's all about

I never had a doubt on the chance of love

As a boy I lived down here

I always saw you near

To be together was happiness

And I just can't forget the moment we first kissed

I'd like to try again on the chance of love

Yeah, on the chance of love

I'll do anything to get you by my side

On the sound of love I will love you girl

You'll be mine

All the world would then be free

An apple falls from an apple tree

You and I will be together

And you will understand when I take your hand

I'll open up the door to the chance of love

Bee Gees

"The Chance Of Love" / Bee Gees

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