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You Dont Stop

You don't stop, you keep on(X3)


Hey it's the junkyard nigga, kid, you know what I'm about

Puffin' on a fat one, guzzlin' a Guinness Stout

Bonin' BITCHES on a regular, word up, my game is lethal

That's my word, I'm tellin ya

Livin' foul like a motherfucka, that's the way it's been

Ever since I was a shorty, sucker

So don't even try to flex, I'll put a round in your chest

And leave you in a fuckin' mess

Niggas know my style they be playin', if I have to catch a body

I will, know what I'm sayin'?

Niggas from Corona don't be havin' it, you put your face in my grill

I'll be stabbin' it

You fuck around and catch a bad one, I'll kill you like a 6pack

And put you in a bag, son

And I still ain't frontin', fully loaded keg shells

Ready to go huntin'

You don't stop, you keep on(X2)

Many MC's that defeated me, please wave your arm

You don't stop, you keep on(X2)

Many MC's that defeated me, please wave your arm

Psycho Les-

I come equipped with shit that's fucken wicked, damn

Niggers cant fuck with the program

I take a stand and look down the clip

I take a swig and then spark up the spliff(boom)

Niggas know the time with The Beatnuts funk

John Wayne got smoked when I popped the trunk, punk

I told you once and I won't tell you twice, I smoke the blunts

And we won't pay the price

For pussy or any fuckin' mass , plus I'm raw dogstyle

In your girls ass, ho, OOH! I think I just came

Stud's break didn't work, I guess it's all in your brain

Shit smells like demon spirit, herb that funk like this

Punk, you can't come near it, so fear it

Or you'll go out like the priest



You Dont Stop / Beatnuts

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