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Do You Believe


Ayo , its ill when i'm heated how my heart stay cold

write a rhyme that make the gats around the world explode

now behold the burning malice of a treacherous soul

first time I shot a gun duke , I was 12 years old

But since then , I've never put it down my friend

she go to war when I tell her

fuck a who , why , when , til the end

indeed its good to have and not need

even better when you can shoot back and not bleed

take heed , poppin like an El full of seed

my team is gettin bigger , got more mouths to feed

Shorty let me tell you bout my only vice

it got to do with lots of money and it aint nothin nice

it aint nothin nice

Chorus: (2x)

Ay , you believe in God?

you do , tell him to save you

cause me and these niggaz here

we aint tryin to save you

regardless of the fact that its close to home

I gotta finish your life , so I can start my own

my own nigga

Psycho Les:

Ayo , my audios guaranteed to lift the audience

it was that time again

so we gathered up 40 men

40 ounces , trees burning , heads bouncin

dollars is the mission

sittin in the yoga position

isolate my mind from your bitchin

pulp fiction

lose you in the mix in

lets get this poppin , lock down the top 10

knockin pretty boy cats on they ass each time we drop kid

yeah , you know how we comin

raw grooves with the funky drum drummin

and when my song goes off

you'll still be hummin

noddin your head , or singin my chorus

the after midnight feen

the 4 in the morning blunt feen

peelin dutches

fill em in like taco shells

willing judges

wheeling jake with half a cake in my coat

pointin gats like remotes

at cats with federal notes

tossin bodies off boats

chorus (2x)

our own nigga , our own


Do You Believe / Beatnuts

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