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*you Know My Name

Goin off the hook like Latrell Spreewell

I've got the ill technique so you know me fe well

We be kickin bass all up in your face

And when it comes to beats well I'm the rhythm ace

Now if you check my pulse it beats skull snaps

I keep all my rhymes in my Le Sportsac

So what if I'm a ham and cheese on rye

I got to do my thing and that's no lie

Well ice is cold and fire is hot

When it comes to competition we've got them locked


A little shout to Ian and little Zoe

One can wonder why but can't deny

If we could work it out it would be so fly

We'll never know unless we try

So tell me party people what's your zodiac sign

Breakdancers of the world unite

BBoys of the world unite

I went inside the deli and my man's like what

I write the songs that make the whole world suck

I need to break it down every chance I get


The Beatles

*you Know My Name / The Beatles

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