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Could I Borrow

"Could I Borrow"

by Beat the Clock

off the self-titled album,

(c) 1989

Every day I make these lists of things that absolutely have to get done

Funny, I have never written to myself, "Be sure to have fun"

Mothers' Mother's getting older still she's got a lot of things to say

Those days when she'll be silent may seem vioulent

But they're days that aren't too far away

I'd just love to sit and talk to you

But there's all these things I've got to do

Could I borrow fourteen hours

Future's on it's way so every day I pave a road that I've been told is secure

But giving up my time for peace of mind that's not so peaceful

Leaves me not so sure

Maybe, work that's never done, is work that should have never begun

I find that I feel fine when I resign to walk in time

Instead of timeing my run

Sometimes I think I think too much

Turn off my mind and let's tune in to touch

Could I borrow just fourteen hours

So you ask me when this whole thing stops

Seems I won't slow till I drop, like it or not because

Seems I won't slow till I drop

Could I borrow just fourteen hours

Could I Borrow /

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