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I am your Princess forever

I am your princess forever

1.Don*t you ever feel like you*re dreaming

Living in a fairy tail

Castles made of candy and icing

Wouldn*t it be googd to be there

BRIDGE:When I*m with you

like lovers do

I*ll make your dreams come true

Chorus:I*m your Princess forever

lets get together

I*ll be your baby tonight

I*m your Barbie and lover

like no other

I am your fairy around

I*m your princess romancing

Singing and dancing

Let me be your lover tonight

(I*ll be your lover tonight)

I*m your Snow white dreaming

Happy ending

Stories are finally found

2.Don*t you ever feel like you*re finding

Cinderella shoes evrywhere

And when you try to find out

whose missing

You see I have always been there



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