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I Don't get Blind Most Of The Time I Don't Drink Wine

I Took A Sledge Hammer And I Broke My Nine

Because Is Mine, Word Is Born I Rhyme

And Everey Day I Write The Book Down Line By Line

I'm Feeling Good When I Do It Like This

So Come On And Turn It Up Because You Can't Resist

Because I'm Back With Another Track Wich You Lack

'Cause Things Is Wack And That's A Fact

Because I'm On Time, You're Shouting Rewind

You Know It's Ad Rock That's Blowing Your Mind

My Shit Is Rough And You Know It Is So Damn Tough

I'm Getting Intense, Not Talking Nonsese

I Made Up My Mind, Not Sitting On The Fence

I Don't Always The Right From The Wrong

I Do My Best To Figure It Out And Work It Out In The Long

I Try To Do A Lot More Than I Can Chew

Balance Out My Ambition's What I've Got To Do

Because You Hide In Broad Day Light, A Parasite

A Hypocrite, You Take A Peek Quick

You Turn Your Nose Up, You Think You're High Up

You Play It Real Safe And Now Your Shit's Fake

I Seen You Hawking And Then You Clock My Style

And Then You Try To Play It Off Like You Think You're Wild

D.I.Y. That Means Do It Yourself

Don't Sit Around Waiting For Someone's Help

Don't Sit Back And Say Good Enough

Keep On Striving, Reinventing But Keeping It Off

The Cuff

So Kick The Level Up Cuhootnified

Mackadocius Vibes Positively Fortified

I'm Throwing Rhymes Kicking Them Downtown

Traveling High Speed Through The Underground

I Kick It Free Style, Make It Worth Your While

I've Got Shelves Of Rhymes That I Keep On File

I'm Feeling Good Now Back Home Again

New York City Is The City That I Feel At Home In

A Blast From The Grasshoff Awhile It's Been


Beastie Boys

Scoop / Beastie Boys

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