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Ch-Check It Out

BEASTIE BOYS - Ch-Check It Out

All you trekkies and tv addicts

Don't mean to diss

Don't mean to bring static

All you klingons in the fuckin' house

Grab your backstreet friend and get loud

Blowin' doors off hinges

I'll grab you with the pinchers

And no i didn't retire

I'll snatch you up

With the needle nose pliers

Like mutual of omaha

Got the ill boat

You've never seen before

Gliding in the glades

And like lorne greene

You know i get paid

Like caprese and with the basil

Not goofy like darren or hazel

I'm a mother fucking nick at night with

Classics rerunning that you know all right

Now remain calm no alarm

Cause my farm ain't fat

So what's up with that

I've got friends and family that i respect

When i think i'm too good

They put me in check

So believe when i say i'm no better than you

Except when i rap

So i guess it ain't true

Like that y'all and you just don't stop

Guaranteed to make your body rock

Check-ch-check-check-check-ch-check it out

What-wha-what-what-what's it all about

Work-wa-work-work-work-wa-work it out

Let's turn this motherfuckin' party out

Said, "doc what's the condition

I'm a man that's on a mission"

Said, "son, you'd better listen

Stuck in your ass

Is an electrician"

Like a scientist

Mmmm when i'm applying this

Method of controlling my mind

Like einstein and the rappin' duke combined

Hey baby bubba now what the deal

I didn't know you go for that mass appeal

Some call it salugi

Some hot potato

I stole your mic and you won't see it later

Cause i work magic like a magician

I ad

Beastie Boys

Ch-Check It Out / Beastie Boys

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