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The trouble you had

It wasn't so bad

It's only life and what you're livin' for

Sit down right here

I'll send away your tears

Well we don't have to talk about it much more

Good things turn bad but it's over now

So don't look sad 'cause you're older now

Lots of people miss deirdre

You're back again

You still have all your friends

And they used to ask me why'd you go away deirdre

Oo hoo hooo

What could i say

That you ran away

Don't you think it's time that you stayed right near me

These nights, pretty nights, that were meant to be

With you and me

It's the way that we

Always had our love, deirdre

I love your red hair


Do do do do do do

Dear dear dear deirdre

I'm glad you're home again

Oo ooo ooo

Ooo hoooo

Oooo hoooo

Baby 1 2 3 and you're back with me

Ooo hooo

Tomorrow at ten

I'll wake you and then

We'll take a bath and then i'll laugh again with deirdre

You may not live with me every day

All that i care is that we find a way

To stay together with deirdre


Do do do do do do

Dear dear dear deirdre

Ooo do do do do do do

Ooo do do do do do do

Beach Boys

Deirdre / Beach Boys

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