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Baby Get Lost

Good mornin' baby, baby, welcome back to town

Yeah, you doin' so much trav'lin' woman, i never know when you're gonna be


Yeah, you a fine and mellow baby but you stubborn as a mule

You love me like an angel baby but you treat me like a fool

Two faced woman don't you hand me no double cross

Well, because anytime i'm ready woman

Well, i can tell you, i can tell you, "baby, get lost!"

You cheatin' on the outside, you're doin' ev'rything you chose

You better come back on the inside woman, 'cause you got too much to lose

I don't want no trouble with you baby,

I wanna tell you i got to be the boss

Yeah, because anytime i'm ready baby,

Oh, i can tell you, i can tell you, "baby, get lost!"

Yes, i'll try to stop your cheatin' woman but i just don't have the time

I got so many woman, baby, 'till they're standing in line

I want to tell you baby, yeah, you know i've got to be the boss

All right!

Well, because anytime i'm ready, baby,

I can tell you, "baby, get lost!"

Би Би Кинг

Baby Get Lost / Би Би Кинг

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