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Forked Height

Walls of Isengard

Face the northern winds

Carved black pillars

Rising high up to the sky

Arcane relic

Crowned by the four peaks

Feels the auturnn breeze

From the fields of steeds

Orthanc, The Cunning Mind

Great Fang, Forked Height

Many narties for this towering sight

Sight as black as a night

Tall, black tower

Home for the Palantiri

Lair for the crystal globe

- foresight of might

Wizard so pale and old

Guarding the elven stone

He did not realise

The shadowed gaze of lies

Armies of new orc tribe

Marching as the Uruk-hai

Created by corrupted mind

Mind of Saruman the White

The war began and he almost won

Brave horsemen of Rohan

Anger of woods he did not see

Ents arrived, his enemy

The robe he carried, white as snow

Wasn't all the truth

The eastern sights of the Eye

Poisoned his mind

The tall tower of fair wisdom

Turned to fortress of chaos

Death and despair on the sky

Dim the sunlight


Forked Height / Battlelore

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